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Alignment & Clarity Of Purpose VIP Workbook 
VIP Personalized Workbook
We ALL want ease, flow, and intuitive guidance to lead us to success and most importantly fulfillment in our lives and businesses. But when we need that feeling MOST it seems SO FAR from attainable.

That's because we're asking ourselves the wrong questions--questions that keep us stuck, grasping at straws, and thinking the path is more difficult than it actually is.

Ready to meet me on easy street? It's time to get rid of the stuckness, distress, guilt, indecision, and worry and time to make way for MEGA alignment, clarity, and freedom. I'm here for you, and this workbook is going to prompt you to think in COMPLETELY different ways that catapult you into a success mindset that SERVES you. 
VIP Breakthrough Your Present Self NOW, 1:1 Session
90-minute, 1:1 Over-The-Phone Session
Together, we'll connect and map out your personalized mindset blueprint so you always know the exact steps to take to go from stuck and questioning to successfully and quickly moving forward... EVERY SINGLE TIME. 

This is your customized, step-by-step plan for how to shift your thoughts from your PRESENT to your FUTURE self (which not only will help you whenever/wherever, but can be used with your own clients). 

No more wondering what to do when you're feeling burnt out. No more questioning whether or not you're on the right back. No more questioning what the hec it means to have a 'successful mindset practice.'

Financial, emotional, spiritual abundance starts HERE.

This is the ONLY MINDSET WORK you'll ever need. PERIOD. 

7 Belief-Shifting Secrets,  Premium Video Training
Exclusive Access To This Value-Packed, Premium Video Training
Now that you have your personalized mindset blueprint for shifting from your Present Self to your Future Self, I'm here to help you through any and ALL stuck points.

You get the inside scoop--my 7 Belief-Shifting Secrets--which is yours to consult at ANY time including:

✔ How To Manifest ANYTHING Through Tapping Into Your Highest Energetic Level. 

✔ How To Release Self-Sabotage Through THIS Trick to Easy Alignment.

✔ How To Transcend Fear, Doubt, And Worry AND Use These Emotions To Fuel Your Confidence

✔ How To Always Be At The Cause of Your Life and Business (instead of the Effect).

✔ How To Predetermine Your Results By Understanding DBT And the Ways Your Feelings And Actions create your results.

Insta-Enlightenment, Values Assessment
20-Minute Online Assessment
The secret sauce that's solidifies it all. 

When you get crystal clear on your unique values they become your mindset gatekeeper: that keeps you in integrity in your biz, and is what you can return to for healing, alignment and brand authenticity again and again. 

This eye-opening assessment is going to get you reconnected to what matters MOST in your life and business. Connection and clarity is a prereq when it comes to biz success, and your values are at the forefront of this.

This assessment will get you clear on how to connect your values to your life and your business. 

 PLUS! A Bonus Gift, Just For YOU 
  • FREE Voxer Access: the first 5 women who claim their spot in this program get 2 days of FREE Voxer access with me! Voxer is a free voice-messaging app that allows you to communicate back and forth. That means you have unlimited access to me for ANY and ALL questions that come up after our call together. This is the most powerful and intimate space to work together and be supported through additional breakthroughs and questions post our 1:1 call.  

OMG, you guys. Go check out Aliya Levinson-NOW! I do mindset journaling daily, and no matter how great at mindset you are, she will give you a fresh perspective on things. She asks exactly the right questions, and gets you to question your own thoughts, and see how they've been holding you back. Not to mention that she is really nice and caring! 

If you're struggling with mindset, have problems consistently enrolling clients, she's your girl! " - Fawzia

"Aliya is extremely positive and supportive. I felt safe speaking to her about fears that I haven't really spoken to many people about and I felt like she was able to support and give me practical action steps to take in each situation.

I was able to:

-Work through blocks around my own confidence and self-limiting beliefs that were holding me back. 

-Heal relationships with some people who were affecting my personal mindset 

I was someone with an idea but without a real plan of how to move forward and became someone who was confident and self-assured in her ability to attract and enroll her ideal clients. Following through on some of what we talked about has tipped the scales and I've gotten two clients this week. 

If I hadn't manifested our coaching I'd probably still be just trodding through group programs. 

Also, Aliya has a personality that is infections. She will make you strive to be the highest version of yourself." - Erika

“Wow! Talk about a powerful session! In just an hour, Aliya helped me see what is holding me back: how I was getting in my own way, and why I’ve been taking so long to get things ready and done. I have already thought about seeing if she’d be willing to work with some of my clients in other programs! I love what she did. So awesome! (Aliya where did you learn that)?" - Rosi

”I had been discouraged and confused. Aliya took obstacles and helped me see a way around them. The shift in perspective coming from such an encouraging source delighted me and re-energized my business.

I developed solid marketing plan and content strategy for an upcoming project. Working with Aliya in a short amount of time led me to develop and implement a new business strategy- a huge change since I wasn’t even considering it at the beginning of our call.

I’m taking action towards an exciting goal and it’s thanks to Aliya. I would absolutely tell a friend or colleague to work with Aliya. She’s a fierce advocate and insightful guide.” -Amy

  •  Break Through Your Present Self Session: The most powerful 90 minute, 1:1 Skype or Video Coaching Session with Aliya. Together we'll access exactly where you are by uncovering those tricky, elusive, thoughts that keep you stagnant. These are NOT obvious, and I'll show you how the thought-uncovering process works to get that weight off your shoulder and prime you for that passion, sense or purpose, and impact you absolutely CAN make. We'll get you crystal clear insight into your most aligned, successful FUTURE SELF. Clarity and a MAJOR confidence boost starts here. I'm 100% confident this call will provide you with the breakthrough you need to catapult you into the success that you're TRULY meant for.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           $600 value

  •  7 Belief-Shifting Secrets, Premium Video Training:  All my strategies for shifting from your Present Self to your Future Self. You're never alone, and this is YOURS to put in your arsenal for whenever there's a problem you can't seem to solve. Everything is easily navigable, and I show you exactly how with my 7 secrets in this VIP video training, available only to my premium clients in packages upwards of $4000.  Yours now!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   $350 value

  •  Insta-Enligntenment Values Assessment: High-touch entrepreneurs create the biggest impact, income, and fulfillment--plus keep clients coming back for more when they're hyper vigilant about keeping their own values in check and branding around what's authentic to them.  This assessment gives you clarity into what's MOST important to you, so that when entrepreneurs reach out who'd like to collaborate, or opportunities are put in front of you, or when you're debating the next decision in your business, you have a values gatekeeper that allows you to make decisions that will keep you aligned, fulfilled, and primed for success.                                                                                                            PLUS...

  •  Alignment And Clarity Of Purpose VIP WORKBOOK:  The right questions replace obstacles with opportunities and challenges with possibilities. Your possibilities start HERE with this VIP workbook. Expect extensive reflection and insight into co-creating your FUTURE SELF and establishing your personal, one-of-a-kind success mindset that's unique to YOU.  There is so much value in this workbook. Your breakthrough is what will get you out of that stuckness of Present Self and onto the BIG impact you're MEANT to make in this world!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            $197 value

...for ONLY $297 For A LIMITED TIME

Because this deal is SO FRICKING AWESOME, there are ONLY 10 SPOTS AVAILABLE at this time. 

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Once that info is submitted you'll get a welcome email from me within 24-48 hours that includes a link to schedule your call (plus a special surprise gift)!

I'm so passionate about you getting into TRUE alignment where stuckness isn't your reality and not feeling fulfilled or confident is no longer a problem you're dealing with. 

This program will work if you're willing to DO the work. It's not difficult but you must be ready to make a shift in your thinking and open to success, freedom, and fulfillment. If that's you...then your change starts HERE!

You're one call away from the BIG RESULTS you've been waiting for that no other program will give you.

Say yes to yourself and grab your spot now!
MY GUARANTEE: This is a completely risk-free offer. 

If you're not feeling 100% confident after our call you can get a complete refund, no questions asked.

Which means there's absolutely no risk in signing up =)

That said, because of the high-value, intimate nature of this program, I'm only offering 10 slots and they WILL fill up quick. So act NOW. Let's DO this ladylove!!! <3
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Alignment And Clarity Of Purpose NOW, 1:1 Program
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